The Confucius Institute of Assumption University (CIAU) deploys a  “co-directorship” management structure consisting of one Thai Director and one Chinese Director under supervision of a Joint-Executive Committee as follows:


Joint-Executive Committee of CIAU

Rev.Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran:  Chair   

Prof. Han Jinyu: Vice Chair

Prof. Lu Fuping: Member

Ms. Siriluk Chaiprompasit: Member   

Mr. Zhao Peiqin: Member


Thai Director: Ms. Siriluk Chaiprompasit

Chinese Director: Mr. Zhao Peiqin



Ms. Siriluk  Chaiprompasit: Thai Director

Mr. Zhao Peiqin: Chinese Director 

Mr. Chaichan Waut: Thai teacher

Ms. Chen Zhige: Volunteer Chinese teacher

Ms. Iampoom Nittaya: Thai teacher

Ms. Kannika Ponamnuaysuk: Secretary of Thai Director

Ms. Liu Mengdi: Hanban Sponsored Chinese teacher

Ms. Natjira Dangchuang: Thai Administrative staff

Ms. Qiu Nan: Volunteer Chinese teacher

Ms. Wen Pan: Volunteer Chinese teacher

Ms. Cao Le: Hanban Sponsored Chinese teacher

Ms. Zhou Jingping: Volunteer Chinese teacher

Ms. Zhu Linlin:Volunteer Chinese teacher