Chinese Food Festival

On Nov. 20, Confucius Institute of Assumption University (CIAU) successfully held the Chinese Food Festival. 18 contestants entered the final contest. 6 of them won the title of Master Chef.

Aimed at promoting Chinese food culture and develop foreigners’ interests in Chinese culture, this activity helped to facilitate cultural exchanges. Through Your Three Favorite Chinese Cuisines Voting held from Nov. 14 to 16, 20 popular Chinese cuisines were introduced. Dumpling, braised prawns and spicy hot pot, were voted for the final competition.





During the contest, the participants learned how to make the  three cuisines when they had a good taste of some Chinese food like steamed buns, saomai and green onion pie. An experienced chef was invited to introduce Chinese food culture. Through this activity, participants not only improved their cooking skills, but also had a deeper understanding of Chinese food culture.  




Edited by Ms. Liu Mengdi

Translated by Ms. Cao Le

Reviewed by Mr. Zhao Peiqin

Photographed by Ms. Zhou Jingping