Spring Festival ACR

February 9, CIAU and its teaching site Assumption College Rayong (ACR) co-hosted Welcome the Year of Dog - 2018 ACR Spring Festival Gala to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Bro. Surakit Srisrankulwong, director of ACR, deputy directors of ACR, Ms. Weeraya Srichumpol, head of Chinese Teaching of ACR, all Chinese teachers of ACR and all members of CIAU attended the festivity. The activity started with lion dance. Bro. Surakit Srisrankulwong and Mr. Zhao Peiqin, Chinese director of CIAU, expressed their Chinese New Year wishes in their speeches and wishes for more and deeper cooperation.


On behalf of CIAU, Mr. Zhao Peiqin presented Chinese Tests Center plaque to ACR. ACR was named CIAU teaching site of 2017 because of its outstanding performance in Chinese teaching, Chinese culture activities. CIAU gave 76 Chinese books like HSK Textbook, Xinhua Dictionary and Classic Chinese Stories for Kids in Ink.




Chinese songs and dances like Students, Guanyin with Thousands of Hands, Beat the Demon of White Bone Three Times and Be Promoted Step by Step performed by kindergarten kids, pupils and middle school students of ACR won loud applause with their Chinese New Year atmosphere.




 Bro. Surakit Srisrankulwong and Mr. Zhao Peiqin gave certificates to those who did very well in HSK tests and encouraged them to learn Chinese harder.

During the cultural interactions, Chinese food like dumplings, Shaomai, hot dry noodles prepared by ACR and Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, opera masks painting,tea, traditional clothes, Chess and Tai Chi prepared by CIAU, gave teachers, students and the parents the opportunity to know more about China’s Spring Festival. The theme is Embracing Chinese New Year. More than 600 students participated that day’s activity. The students experienced China’s Spring Festival culture through these interactions. They became more interested in learning Chinese language and culture.










Written by Ms. Qiu Nan

Revised by Mr. Zhao Peiqin

Translated by Mr. Zhao Peiqin

Photographed by Mr. Warut Chaichan