Culture Camp NTS

March 8, CIAU held Chinese language and culture camp for selected students from CIAU’s teaching sites. 50 students from CIAU teaching site Nawamintharachinuthit Triamudomsuksapattanakam School (NTS) attended the camp.

There were three sections in the camp activity: lecture on Chinese culture, fun contest and traditional Chinese culture experience.

In the first section, Mr. Zhao Peiqin, the Chinese director of CIAU  gave a lecture of Chinese culture, which included Chinese geography,  old and new four great inventions of China, Chinese literary masterpieces, Chinese customs and traditions. Through this lecture, the students felt amazed by China’s ancient and modern culture and came to know more about China.

The fun contest perfectly combined traditional Chinese folk games with Chinese knowledge. Students not only experienced pingpong, rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, traditional Chinese clothes, but also competed in Chinese reading and writing.

In traditional culture experience section, students learned Chinese calligraphy, painting, paper folding, facial masks painting and Tai chi.






After the activity, the students said that they liked the camp. CIAU will continue to hold such activities to let Thai students know more about modern China and traditional Chinese culture.   


Written by Ms. Zhu Linlin

Photographed by Mr. Warut Chaichan

Translated by Ms. Cao Le

Revised by Mr. Zhao Peiqin