Teenagers’ Camp 2018

March 12 to May 4, CIAU organized the 2018 Chinese language and culture camp for Thai teenagers. 27 Thai teenagers attended the camp.     

CIAU prepared Beginners Chinese, calligraphy, painting, Tai Chi, Paper cutting, Chinese chess, Chinese songs, Chinese animation and facial masks drawing class for the teenagers. After two months’ learning, they not only improved their Chinese, but also showed great passion for Chinese culture.

April 20, the teenager learners attended the United Nations Chinese Language Day celebrations. In the celebrations, they gave a choir singing Jasmine Flower in Chinese and showed their love for Chinese language and culture. Their lovely and vivid performance won them loud applause.

The parents were invited to attend the closing ceremony held on May 4. The teenagers showed what they learned, for example, the Three-Character Classic teenager Kungfu gymnastics and traditional Chinese songs. Their works of Chinese painting, paper cutting, facial mask drawing and calligraphy classes were on exhibition. The teenagers also experienced some traditional Chinese games like table tennis, rope skipping and shuttlecock kicking.




Written by Ms. Cao Le

Photographed by Ms. Chen Zhige

Translated by Ms. Cao Le

Revised by Mr. Zhao Peiqin