CI Day 2018

    On September 11th, Confucius Institute at Assumption University( hereafter CIAU) and teaching site Assumption College Rayong( hereafter ACR ) jointly held Confucius Institute Day and “Chinese Language & Culture Day”, sharing cultural feast with more than 3,700 Thai teachers and students and celebrating Confucius Institute Day as well as the third anniversary of CIAU.

    Mr. Sun Hao, a volunteer teacher of CIAU, sang a song named New Drunken Beauty as a prelude. In his speech, Mr. Surakit Srisrankulwong, the director of ACR, affirmed the achievements of ACR in Chinese teaching, Chinese cultural activities and Chinese proficiency tests. In his speech, Mr. Zhao Peiqin, the Chinese director of CIAU, affirmed the achievements of the co-construction of Chinese teaching sites, and invited the teachers and students of ACR to actively participate in the upcoming activities of CIAU. Mr. Surakit and Mr. Zhao Peiqin jointly presented awards to the students who did well in HSK and YCT mock tests.


    The teachers and students of ACR prepared Gu Zheng, dancing as well as singing performances. The teachers and students of ACR also sent wishes through metrical verses.






    The event included Chinese traditional culture exhibitions and experiences such as calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper-cutting, Chinese tea etiquette, traditional Chinese costumes, and Chinese cuisine. Teachers and students further deepened their understanding of Chinese traditional culture and Confucius Institute Day, which enhanced their enthusiasm in learning Chinese language and culture.









Written by Ms. Zhang Yibo

Photoed by Mr. Warut Chaichan, Ms. Chen Zhige,Ms. Duan Yuexia

Translated by Ms. Duan Yuexia

Revised by Mr. Zhao Peiqin