China Visit 2018

    In order to deepen Thailand’s principals’, directors’, presidents’ and education administrators’ understanding of Chinese language, culture, education and social conditions, and promote the establishment and development of Chinese culture courses by local governments and educational institutions, Confucius Institute of Assumption University ( hereafter CIAU ) of Thailand invited 10 incumbent education administrators who have played important roles in promoting local Chinese teaching to pay a seven-day visit to Beijing and Tianjin from September 16th to September 22nd, 2018.

    Ten administrators, including directors, deputy directors, from Assumption College Rayong, Assumption College Thonburi, St. Louis School, Streesmutprakan School and Benchamaracharungsarit School were invited for this exchange program. These schools are teaching sites or partner schools of CIAU.

    In the morning of September 17th, Mr. Xing Jun, vice president of Tianjin University of Science and Technology ( hereafter TUST ), met with the delegation and said that their arrival enriched the 60th anniversary of TUST. Mr. Xing and the delegation discussed in details about Thai students’ studying at TUST for long terms and short terms. The delegation also visited School of Packaging and Printing Engineering of TUST and their national virtual simulation experiment teaching center of packaging engineering. Professor Song Haiyan, acting dean of School of Packaging and Printing Engineering, met and talked with the delegation.


    In the afternoon of September 17th, the delegation visited Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education. Mr. Zhang Jianqing, director of International Exchange Office of Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education, and Ms. Wang Junyan, vice director of International Exchange Office of Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education, received the delegation and lectured the delegation about Tianjin educational polices and Tianjin Municipal Government Scholarships.


    September 18th, the delegation visited Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban), exchanged ideas with the coordinator for Confucius Institutes in Thailand about policies and services and visited the Culture Experience Center.


    September 19th, the delegation visited Wutong Primary School of Hexi District of  Tianjin. Ms. Sun Yuan, principal of Wutong Primary School, and Ms. Wang Lei, the deputy principal, received the delegation. The delegation visited the Tea House and teaching facilities of Wutong Primary School, and observed the school chorus, the accordion, cheerleaders, football, fencing, roller skating, and smart classrooms. After discussion, the delegation and Wutong Primary School agreed to sign partnership agreements in the future.


    In the morning of September 20th, the delegation visit Tianjin Vocational University. Professor Fan Shunhou, vice president of Tianjin Vocational University, welcomed the delegation and accompanied them to visit Lincoln Tianjin, China Technical Training Center and Additive Manufacturing Technology Promotion Center, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, Intelligent Central Kitchen and so on, and discussed faculty, staff , students exchange possibilities.


    In the afternoon of September 20th, the delegation Visit Tianjin Affiliated High School of Beijing Normal University. Mr. Xia Guangfeng, deputy director of this school received the delegation and accompanied them to visit Science and Technology Training Rooms as well as Culture and Art Training Rooms, exchanged ideas on students' development and quality-oriented education.


    In addition, the delegation also visited Tian’anmen Square, Tianjin City Planning Exhibition Hall, Tianjin Yangliuqing Woodblock Chinese New Year Paintings Museum, Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, No. 18 Street Mahua Culture Hall, Master Kung Instant Noodle Museum for culture and company visits.









Written by Mr. Zhao Peiqin

Translated by Ms. Duan Yuexia

Revised by Mr. Zhao Peiqin