Teaching Site AC

    On September 26th, 2018, teaching site agreement signing ceremony between Confucius Institute of Assumption University (hereafter CIAU) and Assumption College (hereafter AC) was held. Mr. Dechachai Sripichan, director of AC, Mr. Witthaya Thepkom, vice director of AC, Ms. Siriluk Chaiprompasit, Thai director of CIAU and Mr. Zhao Peiqin, Chinese director of CIAU signed the agreement. AC officially became the tenth teaching site of CIAU.



    Ms. Siriluk Chaiprompasit introduced the development of Confucius Institutes and briefly explained the characteristics of learning Chinese. Mr. Zhao Peiqin introduced the vision and mission of Confucius Institutes, explained how CIAU an AC would cooperate in details, and wished the cooperation would blossom. Mr. Dechachai said that strengthening Chinese teaching is to meet the demand of the time, and students would benefit from it. He showed his confidence for future cooperation.

    After the signing ceremony, CIAU delegation also visited Mr. Louis Chanel, whose Chinese name is Chen Dongjiu, the founder of St. Gabriel Foundations and the former director of AC. Mr. Louis Chanel is 85 years old now. He said that he was very happy to know that 7 St. Gabriel Foundations schools had set up partnerships with CIAU, and he hoped that more institutions of St. Gabriel Foundations would cooperate with CIAU in the near future. He firmly believed that the partnerships with CIAU could make due contributions to the friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Thailand.



    Founded in 1885, with more than 3,000 registered students, AC has offered Chinese courses since 2001. Both AC and Assumption University are institutions founded by St. Gabriel Foundations. Setting up the teaching site at AC will improve their quality of Chinese teaching and Chinese cultural activities. After signing the teaching site agreement, CIAU and AC will carry out cooperation in Chinese teaching, Chinese culture activities, Chinese proficiency tests and so on.



Written by Ms. Chen Zhige

Photographed by Mr. Yuan Zheng

Translated by Ms. Duan Yuexia

Revised by Mr. Zhao Peiqin