Friendship Cup Contest

    On January 10th, 2019, hosted by Confucius Institute at Assumption University (hereafter CIAU), the third Sino-Thai Friendship Cup of Chinese Culture Contest was undertaken by Nawamintharachinuthit Triamudomsuksapattanakam School (hereafter NTS).

318 students from 20 schools in Thailand participated in the contest. The contest was divided into seven parts: Chinese speech, Chinese character writing, telling traditional Chinese stories, Painting about China, and Chinese singing and dancing.

    Among them, the topics of Chinese speech contests were “The Chinese I know” and “I like the ...”. The contestants told the Chinese people they knew and the people and things they liked. Their fluent Chinese and sincere feelings won the unanimous praise of judges. The theme of the painting group was “Traditional Art of China”. The contestants drew their favorite Chinese architecture, facial masks, Chinese knots and other traditional Chinese art into their works and put them into words. The theme of the storytelling group was “Chinese folktales”. The contestants showed traditional Chinese stories such as Chang E Flying to the Moon and The Cowherd and the Weaving Girl by speaking and acting. The works of Chinese character writing group showed how well the Thai contestants wrote Chinese characters. The singing and dancing group was the most appealing in the competition. The pleasant songs and beautiful dances had won warm applause from the audience.




    The Sino-Thai Friendship Cup Chinese Culture Contest combined Chinese learning with Chinese traditional cultural cognition to build a platform for Thai middle school students to show their Chinese learning. It would further stimulate Thai students’ interests in learning Chinese and improve their Chinese proficiency.

     Ms. Walachai Thong Kam, the president of NTS, Mr. Sutchukorn Tantithanawarapong, vice president of NTS, and Ms. Yang Hairong, the Chinese director of CIAU, attended the activity.



Written by Ms. Chen Zhige

Photographed by Mr. Yuan Zheng, Ms. Duan Yuexia, Mr. Warut Chaichan

Translated by Ms. Duan Yuexia