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-2019 Thai native Chinese teacher training successfully completed

     From January 18th to 19th, 2019, Confucius Institute at Assumption University (hereafter CIAU) in Thailand held a training for native Chinese teachers in Thailand in 2019. The training attracted 53 local Chinese teachers from 41 educational institutions including primary and secondary schools, universities and social Chinese teaching institutions in Chiang Mai, Rayong, Bangkok and surrounding areas.

    Ms. Prayot Klayluck and Mr. Trin Kandokmai, senior officials of Ministry of Education’s Basic Education Committee, attended the opening ceremony. Ms. Yang Hairong, Chinese director of CIAU, delivered the opening speech.

   This training course had set up courses on Chinese medicine lectures, Chinese medicine practice, Chinese language teaching skills training, appreciation of excellent Chinese cultural works, Chinese cultural experience, and Chinese language test design.

    Firstly, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lectures and practical lessons were arranged. Combined years of work and life experience in Thailand with relevant theories of Chinese medicine, Professor Zhong Qiangwei from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine gave a lecture “Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Response to Thailand's Hot and Humid Climate”. Professor Zhong introduced the theories and methods to cope with hot and humid climate with examples. After the lecture, Professor Zhong instructed the teachers to do massage by finding acupuncture points. Through practice, the local teachers not only learned the profoundness of Chinese medicine culture, but also mastered some basic theories and common sense of Chinese medicine.


    The second lecturer, Associate Professor Yang Wenbo from Shanghai University, introduced the difficulty of writing Chinese characters and the teaching and learning of Chinese language. Asst. Prof. Yang introduced the reasons for difficulty of learning Chinese characters, Chinese characters recognition errors, Chinese writing errors, Chinese characters misunderstanding, the process of acquiring Chinese characters for foreigners, and principles and methods of Chinese character teaching, and solutions to those problems. Asst. Prof. Yang’s another lecture focused on Chinese vocabulary errors. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of Chinese vocabulary types, Asst. Prof. Yang had put forward effective teaching methods for Chinese vocabulary.

    Chinese language test design course was given by Ms. Cao Yanting, the sponsored teacher from Dali University. She introduced the proposition principles and methods of Chinese language test for local Chinese teachers in Thailand through practical cases.

    In terms of cultural courses, CIAU led teachers to appreciate the outstanding cultural works of CIAU’s teachers and students. The excellent paintings by Teacher Audwin Yap who is CIAU student were unanimously praised. Some teachers took a group photo in front of the work. After the visit, the teachers participated in the experience and teaching demonstration of Chinese culture courses such as Chinese round fan painting and knocker clay making.




    At the closing ceremony, Ms. Siriluk Chaiprompasit, Thai director of CIAU, awarded the certificates of completion to the local Chinese teachers and encouraged the teachers to continue to improve on the road of Chinese teaching and Chinese culture promotion. She looked forward to teachers coming back next year.

    CIAU has been attaching great importance to the basic role of teachers’ development in Chinese education. CIAU not only organized the training of native Chinese teachers in Thailand, but also organized sponsored Chinese teacher training and Chinese teacher volunteer training. CIAU will not forget the initial goal and continue to exert its own advantages and influence for the upcoming year, and provides great support for the development of Thai Chinese language teachers and the improvement of teaching level in Thailand.



Written by Ms. Cao Le

Photographed by Mr. Yuan Zheng

Translated by Ms. Duan Yuexia