Knowledge Contest

    On January 25th, Confucius Institute at Assumption University (hereafter CIAU) in Thailand held the 2nd Chinese Knowledge Contest. The contest attracted more than 130 teachers and students from 23 schools across Thailand. The contest was divided into three stages: preliminary, semi-final and final test. The contest covered Chinese literature, geography, history, language and culture.

    The preliminary test was written test. The questions were single-choice questions, true or false questions, multiple-choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions. The highest score in the written test reached 92.5 points on a 100-point scale. After the preliminary test, the top 24 contestants entered the rematch. In the semi-final, the combination of the required questions and quick response questions can more effectively test the contestants’ Chinese knowledge. After another round of contest among 24 contestants, the top 6 contestants got the chance to the finals with excellent scores. The final test used the mode of preemptive answer, which not only tested the contestants’ knowledge of Chinese national conditions, but also tested their ability of responding and Chinese expression. The whole contest was exciting and stimulating.



    After 3 rounds of fierce competition, Sawitree Preechadetsuk from Kanjanapisek Middle School, Jidapa Ausavapirom from Rayong Kuanghua School, and Rungrat Panyatrakulchai from Benjama Rachalai School won the 1st, the 2nd, and 3rd prizes respectively.

    It was worth mentioning that the Responder was used to assist the contest, which further ensured the objective and fairness of the contest process, and enhanced the tension and interest of the contest, which aroused the contestants’ enthusiasm to some extent. In the interactive answering session, Rossarin Saeceaw from Rayong Kuanghua School astonished the audience with speaking out of 56 Chinese nations in one breath.

    The Chinese Knowledge Contest was a unique competition held by CIAU in the process of continuous exploration and innovation. It was a platform for students who had a rich knowledge of Chinese culture and loved Chinese culture, but lacked of Chinese talents. CIAU would continue to focus on innovation and in-depth exploration, and embark on a unique Chinese cultural promotion road.


Written by Ms. Wen Pan

Photographed by Mr. Yuan Zheng

Translated by Ms. Duan Yuexia

Revised by Ms. Cao Le